The challenge of waste...

Waste is a growing problem in our world today and we want to encourage as many people to help reduce it as possible.

You might think that cardboard takeaway cups aren’t so bad because they degrade faster than plastic cups, but think about the resources that go into making them in such huge volumes, and for those that are recycled, how much power goes into processing them into new materials. 

Also remember, they have a plastic lid. Discarded plastic like this can take 450 years or more to decompose and poses a serious threat to our ecosystems and wildlife.

Using as many re-usable items as we can is a great way to reduce waste and the amount of material that needs to be processed in recycling plants.

There are some fantastically innovative products out there, here are some of our favourites…

Picture by Figolux Limited. Tel: +44 1209 311 569


Interested in stocking any of these re-usable cups in your café? Drop us a line, we can put you in touch. We think your customers will love them as much as we do!



We love rCUP because it’s the first re-usable cup to be made from disposable coffee cups, which makes it a perfect match for everything we are trying to achieve through ecocuppa!

The folks behind this clever invention found a way to recycle the usually difficult to process plastic lined throwaway coffee cups, creating a strong polymer pulp that could be used to great effect for a strong and reusable cup.

The rCUPs themselves can in turn be recycled once they reach the end of their long life span.


Another of our favourites is Huskup, they have created a re-usable cup made from rice husk – a clever way to use a naturally biodegradable product that’s normally discarded as waste.
We especially love the designs of Huskup’s Artist Series, this is the result of their amazing idea to team up with some talented independent artists and create cups that are as beautiful as they are environmentally friendly!

giving back feels good...

Ecocuppa supports the Canal & River Trust who are a registered charity, working hard to keep our waterways clean and tidy and protecting the species that have their habitats there. If you’d like to give your customers the option of donating their saved 50p to the Canal & River Trust, we can organise for you to receive a collection box for your counter.